Cycle-yoga classes at Veloville USA, begin Tuesday November 18 @ 6:30 pm.

Not like this, but we wish it was...

Not like this, but we wish it was...

YOGA. It doesn't have to be a four-letter word. For most cyclists, just hearing the word "yoga" is enough to make us break into a cold sweat. Strip away the parts that may not apply to our "kind" and you're left with a balance-building, core-strengthening form of exercise that actually improves performance on the bike and THAT is a goal we can all get behind.

This is a 60 minute instructor led, "yoga" influenced class that targets hips, back, neck and shoulders.  During the session, the instructor will introduce us to some basic poses. We will gradually move in and out of these poses to help alleviate lower back pain, stiff necks, and tight hips and shoulders.  Opening up these areas of the body will create a fluidity that a cyclist needs for a balanced ride, improving core strength, breathing and flexibility. Although, this class is developed for cyclists, these are common stress areas for most people, therefore anyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!!!

Classes are a bargain at $15 a session. Bring your own mat, or a few inexpensive mats will be available for purchase from the instructor. No special clothing required, but come comfortably dressed for exercise. Please arrive a little early as class will begin promptly at 6:30. RSVP not required but encouraged. Classes will be held every Tuesday November through March.

NOTE: Due to the Holidays, there will be no classes held on 12/23 or 12/30.

A little about our instructor, Tess, who is a great fit for this class because she understands that most of us will NOT be yoga-gurus and may be a bit apprehensive about traditional yoga:

"Hi, my name is Tess. I am a certified Yoga Teacher.  My certification specializes in therapeutic, alignment and fitness based yoga.  In my classes, I like to teach to the body, maintaining proper alignment, cueing for spinal safety, and stretching and strengthening through progressive movements.  My intention as a teacher is to provide a class where people can come meet physical goals, get loose, and have a good time."

Questions? Call or email the shop anytime.