Colnago AC-R Custom Build

The last few weeks have been torture.  Watching a gregge of Colnagos sitting on the showroom floor, preening, taunting me... Italian design has always been a cut above hasn't it? 

Colnago AC-R

After Veloville USA sold a couple of these beauties, the shop needed one of its own.  The AC-R is considered an entry-level endurance bike- that is, perfect for the riding I do.  From the Colnago website:

AC- R is the entry level frame in Colnago carbon range. Is monocoque and has been designed in full compliance with racing philosophy of the brand. Who is it for? At a public demanding in terms of performance, but with an eye also to the cost . The setting of the geometry is a major plus, both from the point of view of design in both the number of sizes, as many as eight. The riding position is a summary of Colnago knowledge, performance and comfort mixed in a perfect way to combine handling and pursuit of maximum performance. AC- R, is designed for installation of both mechanical groups and electronic Campagnolo Eps and Shimano Di2 . The outstanding performance in any road situation, the ability to contain the price within very interesting limits, makes AC- R absolutely attractive for a wide range of cyclists.

Handling, and why it's important. 

Obvious answer- safety and performance.  Many of today's carbon fiber race bikes are designed for crits and handle accordingly- quick steering, agile, ready to snap from one corner to the next at your local office park.  The Colnago is not of this breed.  Quick steering changes require geometry that makes bikes twitchy on the side of the tire.  The AC-R (and Colnagos in general) favor a more traditional Italian style of handling- quick enough, but with added cornering stability.  This is what I love when hitting the 40mph corners strewn with potholes that surround Purcellville.

AC-R with Campagnolo and Deda

This particular build came in quite nicely, using some of my favorite (that means well worn) road gear. 

After a couple good rides, this bike delivers as promised.  Super stiff bars, light and efficient frame, tires that soak up the bumps.   Oh yea, the handling- bombing curvy roads is a treat, this bike does not fall in, resist turn-in, or otherwise do anything odd.  It is stable and goes where you point it every time.  All this and less than 16 pounds with cages and pedals.

Swing by the shop and see it in person, or take it for a spin if you want.  Owning a Colnago is a dream come true, and I'm looking to put some good miles on it this year!