!!!DOSNOVENTA!!! Handcrafted in Italy, Designed in Barcelona

"Last october 2010, Dosnoventa was founded in the city of Barcelona, as the result of the interest of two old friends and well-known city riders, lovers of quality products and with a large professional experience in the world of the fixed wheel.

From the Dosnoventa Tumblr

From the Dosnoventa Tumblr

The synergy that bonds them is what spurs them to the production of bikes, for themselves and for their friends, with the mission of offering their crew a great product using the best materials, with a very studied aesthetics, geometry and image, built by the best craftsmen but with a very competitive price.

The first frames are delivered and the brand quickly becomes a cult object and a local reference. Since then the Dosnoventa family won't stop growing: a team of great riders is created to represent the brand, three models of frame came on to the market,... But above all, a superb team working behind scenes for this project, sharing a lifestyle and a love for the urban culture, thanks to which Dosnoventa is now set up an reknowned for its quality, style and authenticity."

Dosnoventa Helsinki

Dosnoventa Helsinki

I first stumbled upon Dosnoventa on Andrea Schiliro's Instagram.  Memories of old punk rock shows, riding my track bike in downtown DC at high rates of speed, and most importantly the love of downright cool bikes fired my neurons. 

"Hey Nicole, check these bikes out!"

Nicole raced her first cross season last year at Portland's Cross Crusade.  Cross Crusade is a cyclocross institution, and Nicole took it head on riding her singlespeed in a geared women's class, obtaining top 5 finishes and having a blast doing it.  As we have both been planning on doing the 2014 SSCXWC in Louisville this year (I will be in last place, old guy class FYI) we immediately started hatching plans on how to get our hands on the perfect singlespeed cross bike.  Enter Dosnoventa.

There are currently no U.S. dealers for the brand.  That's where you come in.  We need a handful of adventerous souls that have a passion for bicycles, and a desire to be on the coolest equipment around.  Want to race the Redhook Crit?  Race a singlspeed CX bike locally this year?  They make plenty of geared bikes too, so check out their site for a few minutes and see what you think.

For now we will dream of new bikes, but let us know if you want to share the dream!

Orders due July 1st, stop by for a chat or otherwise contact us about the details.