I Love my Bicycle: The Story of FBM

This is a documentary for cyclists, BMX riders, small business owners and those who long to follow their dream.  It is a must-watch story of a gang of misfits (I say that in the most loving way) who decided to do it their way, and succeeded despite adversity.  FBM is now part of the fabric that makes up cycling in the USA, thankfully providing character and a DIY attitude that has long been missing.

"In reaction to the big business run companies of BMX in the early 90's, 17-year-old Steve Crandall started a company of his own called Fat Bald Men (FBM). What began as selling t-shirts out of a backpack has turned into one of the most well respected DIY bicycle companies around. Through fortune and misfortune follow FBM through their 15 years of mayhem as told by Steve Crandall and the rest of the BMX bicycle community from close friends to influential Icons like Dave Mirra and Mat Hoffman."

Veloville is an FBM dealer, and we can custom build 16", 18" or 20" BMX bikes for dirt or street.  Swing on by to talk details.