This CX beauty? Sorry gentlemen, this one's for the ladies.

Raleigh Bicycles has done it again. Not only do they continue to crank out (pun intended) phenomenal cyclocross specimens,  now they've upped the ante with a women's specific frame that not only looks good, but walks the walk. Direct from the horse's mouth: "We did not simply "Shrink and Pink" our men's bike and call it a woman's model. We create bikes like our Women's Specific RX 1.0 from the mud up. Raleigh continues to be at the forefront of women's product as one of the only bike companies to create a women-specific CX bike. Our women's RX frames are created with women for women. Raleigh utilizes a women's feedback panel throughout the design process of each bike, such as selecting touch point components like bars and saddles or helping with color schemes and graphic direction. We take pride in the attention to detail we give our women-specific bikes and the experience we help create for the woman rider."

We've corralled a few for your viewing pleasure here at Veloville USA. So, let's giddy up cowgirls and let the mud fly...