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Braver Than The Elements "Unofficial" Winter-Weather Ladies Ride 12/20

Ladies, break out your furs...we're going riding come snow or high winds! Ok, so maybe leave the furs at home, but bring your best cold-weather cycling duds because it's bound to be a doozy out there. Join Veloville USA as we brave the elements on December 20th @ 10am for a winter weather road ride. Sorry gents, ladies only, though you can hang at the shop and present us with a hot chocolate after our ride. And don't forget the marshmallows...

The route will be 35-40 miles, with some mild hills. Paved only. In the case of snow, we may have to adjust the route but expect the ride to be held regardless of the weather. It is, after all, a "braver than the elements" ride!  Road or cyclocross bikes. No-drop. There will be a ride leader and sweep present. If you need apparel advice, please contact the shop the day before and we'll see what the weather is going to dish out. Free hot beverages post-ride (coffee, chai, tea and hot chocolate). Warm gear and snacks available.

RSVP appreciated. Please call or e-mail by 12/15.

For other future rides around Virginia, please check out the new website: