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Veloville USA: Velocross 100k Series, Part Deux

Ok, so our ride won't be THIS hard.

Ok, so our ride won't be THIS hard.


When: Monday, August 10th ~ Monday, September 7th ~ Monday, October 12th @ 7am

Where: Ride begins at Veloville USA unless otherwise indicated. (Some rides will have a remote start, so confirm prior to the ride.) Meet here for a pre-ride coffee at 7am, roll out shortly thereafter.

What: 100k (62 miles) of Virginia's finest (ahem...gravel) roads with the occasional steep climb, washed out decent, stream crossing, pot-holed, dusty, muddy, dirty fabulousness. The pace will be spirited, but not leg torching (mostly). The ride will change each month and is technically no-drop, but depending on the ability of participants, we may have to re-group as necessary. No one will be left tire-flatted, deraillieur-snapped, spirit-crushed on the side of the road (for long). Bring your road bike or your cross bike. 25's + are recommended. Bring tubes, water and nutrition. Bring your sense of adventure. No whining, no walking. Those are the rules. Oh, and there will be a cool custom pint glass for those finishing all three rides. That's not the goal, just a bonus.

Call or e-mail with questions or moral support. This is a challenging ride series designed for riders with advanced gravel riding skills. If you are unsure of the pace or your ability to complete the ride, don't hesitate to chat with us about the route. There will be no cue sheets available to discourage solo riding. We roll out as a group and will finish as a group. If you want to ride solo, there are routes on Strava from our 2014 series and we are happy to provide you the link.  2015 routes TBD. See you in August!