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Veloville USA and Allez Training Systems Present "Coffee 'Cross" Clinic Series

Cyclocross race circa 1931.

Cyclocross race circa 1931.

Cyclocross junkies hold on to your wool we announce the dates for the first of many Cyclocross Skills Clinic brought to you by a collaboration between Veloville USA and Allez Training Systems. These courses will provide cyclists with an introduction to the skills and concepts that make cyclocross riding and racing so much fun.

Those of you in the know need no introduction to this highly addictive sport. Cyclocross curious? Needing bike handling skills? Don't want to sit on your derriere all winter and lose valuable fitness? Love a challenge? Then read on...

What the heck is cyclocross? It's a long story. What matters is this: It's an exhilarating fall sport that requires riders to navigate terrain that is a mix of grass and dirt paths, mud, asphalt, mud, sand, mud, hills, mud, stairs, mud, running sections, snow, mud and gravel! You may have noticed a theme. Yes, you have to have a fondness for mud. Fortunately, these clinics are early in the traditional cyclocross season, so mud should be scarce.

Our Coffee ‘Cross clinics is designed to be an introduction to cyclocross and aim to provide a foundation of skills to tackle any terrain for a lifetime of ‘cross enjoyment or to improve bike handling skills for the road rider. The clinics are also a great opportunity for the seasoned cyclocross racer to get back into racing shape and hone their skills.

 Participants will meet on 3 Saturdays from 11-12:30 pm (Ida Lee Park, Leesburg) in September and October and will include ‘Cross introduction and basics, skills rehearsal and drills, feedback on your performance, fun and laughs, and of course coffee!

Clinic sessions will be led by former elite cyclocross racer and professional endurance sports coach Jeff Herrick,PhD of Allez Training Systems. Jeff has been coaching and training endurance athletes for over 12 years and utilizes dynamic and engaging skills training methods that are fun and effective.

September 6th- The first clinic session will provide an overview of the cyclocross bike and race format, and introduce essential skills such as bike dismounts, remounts, bike portaging, and navigating barriers.

September 20th- The second clinic session will introduce bike dismounts and shouldering, running with your bike, skills to master run ups, and various barrier layout running practices.

October 4th – The third session will cover grass and dirt cornering skills, brake control of the bike, course “speed mining”, and conclude with a practice 30 minute race with cowbell (high fives and fist bumps...hup hup)!

Please arrive prepared to ride for each clinic and bring your bike. A cyclocross specific bike would be best, however a mountain bike would be sufficient to practice on, mountain bike style shoes and pedals are recommended (you will run a little with your bike!). A road bike with road style clipless pedals is not recommended. If you have questions on bike appropriateness, please contact us. Don't have a cyclocross bike? Limited demo bikes will be available, so call ahead to reserve your size.