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Spring-Time is Steel-Time 100k (POSTPONED)


As soon as it's time to "spring-forward", it's time to break out those trusty steel-steeds that make riding in temperamental spring weather a snap. Sun, rain, wind, sleet, mud, snow, clouds, flowers and baby animals? Bring it on.

One Sunday. Two wheels. Three rules: No whining, no walking and of course, you must ride a steel bike. Don't have one? Don't worry, there will be plenty of other rides for your two-wheeled pleasure.

The route will be a lively mix of gravel and pavement, so clad your ride in 28+ road or cyclocross tires. Likely elevation gain between 4-6,000' and some steep climbs possible. Mostly rolling terrain typical of Virginia. Roads can be rough, rutted, gravel, dirt, rocks, unimproved, etc. March weather can be varied and unpredictable, so please come prepared with layers. Two water bottles and plenty of nutrition is recommended. There will NOT be a chance to refuel. 

This will be "remote start" ride. (Field trip!) The proposed location is George Washington National Forest in Harrisonburg, VA. Plan on late morning start to allow for travel time. We will plan to grab a late lunch and recovery beverage at a local spot after the ride. Tell your significant other you will likely be gone all day. Sorry dear...

This will be challenging ride (on a scale of mild, moderate, challenging, advanced) with opportunities to stretch your legs up hills and regroup at major intersections, though not a ride suitable for beginners or those without gravel experience or experience riding in a group setting. This ride is for STEEL ONLY gravel, CX or road bikes. If we made exceptions then it wouldn't be a steel bike ride, would it?

All of our rides are "no-drop". No one gets left behind, BUT please respect your fellow riders by understanding your abilities and limits. If you are unsure, please call the shop and we can discuss the details. This ride is designed to enjoy the benefits and versatility of steel bicycles and while not purposefully designed to be "difficult" is considered a challenge due to the length of the route and variety of road conditions. RSVP appreciated but not required. Call the shop for start location and time NO LATER THAN SATURDAY, MARCH 28. Carpooling is available.