While most bicycle shops can now claim to carry "women's specific" bicycle frames and accessories, not too many can claim to be owned by a female cyclist. That means that every women's specific product carried at Veloville USA is tested to ensure that it truly is beneficial to women's needs and not just another "shrink it and pink it" item (yes, this is what the industry really calls it). In addition, we know how overwhelming the traditional bicycle shop experience can be for women and we hope that our local, low-key approach can turn a sometimes intimidating process into what it should be: positive, supportive and encouraging.




Not all frames are created equal. Female specific bicycles are specific for a reason. While women generally have shorter torsos and longer legs, our overall shape and size can vary wildly (and proudly!). But remember...every woman can now ride a bicycle no matter what their physical makeup, thanks to many manufacturers now making frames in geometries specific to a woman's physical structure. What does that mean? It means that women's bicycles have taller head tubes (more upright), shorter top tubes (shorter reach to the bars), more relaxed fork angles (for easier handling), lower stand-over height (easier to swing a leg over), anatomically correct saddles (a happier behind) and narrower handlebars and ergonomically precise controls (for smaller hands). 


Now, this doesn't mean that as a female cyclist you won't still be able to find a traditionally styled machine. Those are widely available for women who are serious riders or racers, or who prefer a more aggressive position. And of course, there is nothing preventing women from riding a men's frame as long as the fit is correct and the rider is comfortable. 


Our brands have some very impressive women's specific frames in their respective stables from beach cruisers to city bikes, hybrids to mountain bikes, gravel grinders to cyclocross bikes, endurance road to high-end road race bicycles. Some come with feminine touches but if "understated" is more your flavor, they come in traditional palettes too. Alternatively, if you require custom geometry or desire a custom "dream bike", we can provide step-by-step assistance with custom builds.




A female cyclist's choices in apparel and accessories has expanded exponentially in the last decade as manufactures finally progress away from the mentality of making only one or two ill-fitting items for us (and thank goodness they have). Not only are there now an impressive array of fit and function, cut and color options, cycling clothes now come in a realistic range of sizes. While there are a handful of European manufacturers who make lovely cycling apparel, sizing traditionally runs small for the American market. We offer collections in US standard sizing from XS to 3X. Whatever the brand, focus on the fit and not the size on the tag. Chamois technology (the pad in your cycling shorts) is amazing these days, from thin and light for recreational rides, gel technology for endurance and high-tech, dual-thickness, breathable, super chamois for racers and enthusiasts. 


The options don't end at clothing. There are exceptional choices in gloves, helmets and shoes for the female cyclist and the technology offered isn't just left over from the men's field. Footwear is essential to the cycling experience and shapes, weight and fit have evolved to offer women shoes that help put the power to the pedals (exactly where it belongs). Of particular importance to women is heel-cup fit. Men's heels are generally wider so naturally a men's shoe, in most cases, doesn't surround and support the female heel thereby allowing power robbing heel lift.




Like most shops, we can help you find the perfect bicycle, the perfect outfit and the perfect pair of shoes. After that, we won't just watch you ride off into the sunset solo while you figure out this "cycling thing". In addition to having experienced mechanics on staff willing to help with any maintenance issues or questions (or to explain things to you in a friendly and non-condescending manner), we also offer one-on-one or small group tire-changing and basic maintenance clinics the 1st of every month (RSVP please), women's only group rides, training series for women and professional coaching. Plus, being a female-owned shop means there's always a friendly, familiar ear willing to listen to women's specific concerns and issues.


Let's Ride


Have a road bike? Tired of riding solo? Pick a Saturday, any Saturday and let's ride. Start times can vary by season. Call (540-216-2453) or email (velovilleusa@gmail.com) the shop a few days in advance to check weather, route and roll out times. Rides and routes can be tailored by ability, but all rides are no-drop. Paved, mixed surface or gravel. Short, flat, steep or distance. It's your adventure.